YoUnG and Christian!

I am a Christian! What does that mean in 2018? What did it mean 10, 20 or even 100 years ago? In my walk with God, I have noticed some of my peers stop sharing a chat with me and that's partially because some way somehow in the conversation God will be mentioned and I do sense the frication it presents. Whatever the reason, I don't believe that will change because just like couples flash their new loves on social media and all over, I too have caught a love bug. However it's not with another hum

I traded my bikini for a muslim swimsuit!

As a little girl I didn't want to remove all my clothes to take a shower in a bathroom. When we went to the river, I kept my top on when everyone else laughed at me to say I didn't "bathe clean." Surely I wanted to cover myself, despite how opened I was expected to be. You may ask then, how did I end up modeling for bikini stores, and taking part in 4 pageants, all with swimwear segments. Good question, I'm not sure where I got the confidence either! Perhaps my youthfulness and 'proudness' of my

Death, Do you fear it or look forward to it?

We tend to live fearlessly until every once in a while death comes around to remind us that we are not immortal and unless Jesus comes back now, death will come. A day or two ago I sat and looked at a cemetery  across the road and thought, hey maybe living next to a cemetery isn’t such a bad thing. It gave me a fresh perspective of the idea. Seeing a cemetery while you go on living is a good reminder, like the many bodies there, of the possible fate you’ll eventually have. Maybe in doing so, on

Sex and Spirits: What Happens Spiritually When You Have Sex?

Though this topic, or related ones may have been floating around in the media for quite some time, many still lack some very important knowledge on this issue, and some go on ‘living’ completely unbothered by it. The topic arose once more when a prophet, during a sermon, urged his congregation to be mindful of the spirits that they connect with during sex.  Being a Christian myself, the topic pocked my interest, and thus prompted this piece. Now, of course, to ensure that this articl

Meet the Awe- Inspiring Arita World Wide

My name is ARITA, Recording Artiste from Trinidad and Tobago, signed to TEMPO Records a subsidiary of TEMPO Networks the leading media television network in the region. I have been singing professionally for approximately 2 years, started my career off at the end of 2015, released 6 singles thus far; Good Man, Promise, Everything, Suga for my Honey, Go and Crisis. I am in the process of releasing my debut album this year 2018. Very excited about it! I also model, act and I’m a TV personality.  I